Vintage Knitted Superfine Wire Mesh Band Universal Straight End

$75.00 CAD

Another great choice for your vintage watch. This superfine steel mesh will bring a touch of class. Both versatile and comfortable on your wrist. Straight end to fit your watch. Available in 3 sizes. Polished IP gold.

Spring bars not included.

Item number: MB2220FYPGD041
Brand Name: Milanese Mesh
Lug width: 18mm, 20mm or 22mm
Buckle size: 16mm,18mm or 20mm
Buckle Include: Yes
Buckle type / Buckle Finish: Double Flip Interlock Clasp
Overall Length: 110mm + 75mm
Thickness: 1.8mm
Spring bar hole dia.: 1.78mm (not included)
Designed to fit: All watches with 18mm, 20mm or 22mm lug width
Material: Stainless Steel, 0.5 Wire Mesh
Color / Finish: Polished IP Gold
Max. length: 183mm
Corresponding Min. length: 135mm
Net Weight: 38g
Lug end style: Straight End
Adjustment type: 12 slide slots Adjustment